Thursday, August 6, 2015

Travel Tip: What to Wear When Flying

Whether you are flying on a short domestic flight, or a long-haul international one, your in-flight wardrobe must be considered. We have some helpful tips on what to wear when you fly out of Detroit Metro Airport:

  • Choose loose, breathable fabrics. Tight tops or pants can restrict blood flow, and no one wants an accident thousands of feet off the ground. In addition, comfy, natural fabrics are easier to relax in.
  • Comfy shoes. You will most likely be screened at TSA, so take that into account before donning your high top lace up Converse. If you are going straight to a business meeting as soon as you land, pack a small pair of heels in your personal item for when you land, or stick to professional but comfortable ballet flats.
  • Dress relatively conservatively. Don't arrive at the gate wearing shirts with curse words or scantily clad humans on them. Airlines have been known to turn away passengers or make them turn their shirts inside out before even letting them board. If you wouldn't wear it to church with your Grandma, don't even think about wearing it on a plane.
  • Layer it up! What if it is 90 degrees when you board your flight and then in-flight temperature drops to a frigid 73. Those shorts or dress you chose to wore suddenly will be doing more harm than good. Dress in layers when flying so you are able to add and subtract clothing articles depending on the climate. 
  • Deodorant and clean clothing. It may be tempting to douse yourself in perfume or cologne before a flight, but resist the urge. Many people are allergic to the scent and you may even find yourself hard to stand in such close quarters. Wear strong deodorant and clean clothing and you should be all set. 
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