Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easy Car Maintenance Tips

Did you know that April is “National Car Care Month?” That means there is no better time to perform a self-check test on your car than right now in the middle of April!  It is important to remember the following car maintenance tips so you can ensure that your vehicle is running properly before the arrival of the summer driving season!

1.      Pop that hood! Pop the hood of your car and inspect all important fluids. Find the dipstick for your engine oil and transmission fluid and check these first. If you aren’t sure where to locate them in your car, search Google to find out.

2.      While you are under there…make sure to check any visible hoses and belts. Make sure that they aren’t brittle, frayed, or loose.

3.      Battery basics. Pay special attention to the battery connections and make sure that they aren’t loose and corroding. If corrosion is present, take a screwdriver or similar tool and scrape the decay loose.

4.      April showers bring…windshield wiper use!! Ensure that your windshield wiper fluid is full. If it needs to be topped off and you don’t have any fluid on hand, you can always use distilled water as a temporary substitute.

5.      Tire tips. Checking tires is probably the easiest type of self-maintenance you can perform! Invest in an inexpensive tire pressure gauge and make sure that your tires are full of air. Remember that if your tires show uneven wear, it is time for a wheel alignment!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 Shoulder Season Travel Tips


Just because the holiday travel season is long gone doesn’t mean that you have to hunker down at home until the summer! We know we know…we get it! Summer is better because the weather is warmer and the kids are on summer break. Speaking of break, saving your vacation for summer is sure to break one thing, the bank! Instead, choose to travel during the “shoulder season,” the period between the off and peak seasons. This time of year usually brings calmer airports, less crowded destinations and much more bang for your buck. When planning your shoulder season getaway, keep these helpful tips in mind:

1.      Don’t inconvenience yourself trying to save money. Off season is “off” for a reason, and, as a result, prices are cheaper. You will be able to get the same vacation for half the price.

2.      Check the weather for your desired destination. If you are from Michigan, a European vacation with weather in the 40’s will be pleasant. If you are from Florida, it will be freezing cold. Don’t let your idea of bad weather ruin your trip!

3.      Investigate your destination. Just because it is the low season in the United States doesn’t mean it will be the low season in India. Check the local customs of the location you will be visiting to ensure that no cultural holidays will be going on during your stay.

4.      Don’t let multiple high seasons leave you in a muddle! That’s right; some places have multiple high seasons. Ski resorts are packed during the winter, but are also popular during the summer where outdoor enthusiasts flock for hiking, biking and rock climbing. Choose your destination wisely.

5.      Not sure when the shoulder season is? Investigate local hotel websites and see when they are changing peak rats. No rates listed? Just research rooms on various dates and see what pops up!

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