Thursday, February 25, 2016

Detroit Airport Parking Questions: Answered!

Excited to park at Qwik Park? Still have a few questions? We answer some of your frequently asked questions below! Don't forget to make your free online reservation with Qwik Park and save tons of time and money!

We are located a quarter mile north of I-94 on the west side of Merriman Road.
Exit 198. Follow the service drive until you see Merriman road.
Qwik Park suggests 2 hours in advance. Please allow 30 min for our service.
Our rates are $11.00 per day and we offer a discounted rate of $9.00 with a coupon.
C Join our mailing list to receive monthly emails with special offers. Follow us on Facebook for updates.
Yes, show your card to the cashier and the $9 per day rate will be applied to your stay.
Yes, at our current coupon rate.
Yes, we run continuously every 5-10 minutes up at the airport.
There will be a person at the window that will ask you which airline you are traveling and then they will direct you to the aisle which we are parking at that time.
Yes, they will assist with the luggage and load it on the shuttle.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Off-Airport Parking Benefits

The benefits of using off-airport parking at Detroit Metro Airport are as numerous as the cars parked there! Because of the large number of travelers passing through Detroit Airport, finding a parking spot has become increasingly difficult. Wherever you decide to park, there is usually a sliding scale of services, from cheaper self-park to more extravagant valet with waxing services.

 Off airport parking offers a reasonable option to the packed and expensive conditions of the usual Detroit Airport parking garage. When you think about parking solutions at Detroit Metro Airport, you should take time and consider the benefits of off-airport parking.

Qwik Park offers Detroit Airport Parking options for every budget and there is something for everyone. Qwik Park offers 24/hour security, and friendly staff that can help you along the way. In addition, Qwik Park offers free online reservations. Although reservations are not required, they are suggested so that you have a parking spot set aside just for you when you arrive at the parking lot.

Benefits of Off-Airport Parking:

1. Affordable Rates: It is easy to analyze the rates of short-term, long-term and off-site airport parking to get the best deal. In many cases, the prices can be found online. You can also research the rates over the phone by requesting information in order to find out the most affordable airport parking. Using off-site parking means that you can enjoy more affordable rates with several other benefits such as added security, online reservations, and complementary shuttle rides to/from the airport. These options make off-site parking a fantastic choice.

2. Fast Service: You may think it becomes faster to use on-site parking at the airport, but this is not necessarily the case. At many airports with on-site parking, you have to drive around in an attempt to find an open spot. This process can be quick, or it can take 10-15 min, if you are lucky to even find a parking space. In addition, you must pull out your luggage and drag it with you to the terminal. Similarly, with short-term parking, you must take your own luggage to the airport, and this may be quite a distance. When you use off-site Detroit Airport parking, you are able to drive right up to the pick-up section and have a staff member park your vehicle for you. The employee unloads your luggage out of your car and loads it into the shuttle to take you to the airport. This is a hassle-free solution that is typically much faster.
3. Convenience: While travelling, you may be stressed about trying to find a secure parking spot at the airport. When you are using the off-site parking services you are using the services of private company that is focused on customer service and customer needs. Qwik Park is proud to offer affordable Detroit airport parking options that can make your travel experience easier and more convenient when you arrive at the airport as well as when you return home from your trip.
                                                                                                                                                              These are just a few of the many benefits of off-site Detroit Airport Parking which saves your time and money. Book your off-site parking in advance, secure your spot, and take advantage of special deals.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Travel Hacks for a Smooth Airport Experience

Our friends at Toggl complied this super awesome graphic depicting how to make it through the airport with the least amount of stress as possible! Air travel doesn't have to be difficult if you don't overthink it! A little common sense goes a long day! Start your trip off right by making your free online reservation with Qwik Park in order to reserve your Detroit Metro Airport Parking.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Detroit Airport Parking Process

Parking at Detroit Metro Airport doesn't have to be stressful, expensive, or time consuming! Once you make your free online reservation with Qwik Park, you have already won half of the battle! There are just a few more steps that must be completed in order for you to have a stress-free Detroit Airport parking experience.

We require 15 minutes to check you in and shuttle you the airport. So, we strive to make our airport parking service simple and easy for you. Once you arrive, follow these simple steps for an easy parking experience:

  • Check-in at the counter
  • Allow driver to load your bags
  • Take the shuttle to the airport
  • Arrive at curb side stress free!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

4 Holiday Survival Tips

There are roughly two weeks until Christmas! Crazy, right? Millions of people will be hitting the sky this holiday season to travel and visit friends and loved ones. Prepare to save your sanity with these four survival tips:

  1. Reserve your parking in advance. Since you and millions of others will be traveling this holiday, it is important to reserve your Qwik Park Airport Parking in advance. Reserving ahead will often save you money, and certainly saves you the stress of searching for a spot last minute. 
  2. Pack light. We know, you might be going somewhere cold and may need to bring heavier clothing. Don't fall into that trap! Do a simple online search for packing tips for winter travel and you will be all set. Carrying on your bag will save you tons of time and you wont have to worry about your bag ending up in a different city than you are. 
  3. Avoid wrapping. Those pretty presents you spent hours wrapping? TSA might find them sketchy and may have to unwrap them to check the contents. Avoid wasting hours of work by simply wrapping any gifts when you arrive at your destination.
  4. Eat something. Low blood sugar sucks. Being hangry sucks. Getting upset for no reason isn't great either. Staying hydrated and keeping your tummy full can do wonders for your sanity this holiday travel season. Pack a few healthy snacks and leave for your flight on a full stomach. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Coupons for Detroit Metro Airport Parking

Newsflash: There are exactly ONE week until Thanksgiving [scary!] and a little over a month until Christmas! You probably have your flight booked for your winter holiday trip out of Detroit Metro Airport, but you most likely forgot about how you will get to and from DTW. This is when you must consider your Detroit Airport Parking options.

Here at Qwik Park, we know that if you are searching for DTW parking, you are also on the hunt for Detroit Metro Airport parking coupons. Coupons for Detroit Airport parking can help you save money and time on a service that you will already be using this holiday season. We are proud to offer Detroit Airport parking coupons and a simple, three-click online reservation tool to make booking your DTW parking a little easier.

Traveling can be expensive, but printing our coupon is one of the best ways to save money on Detroit Metro Airport parking. So join us, add us, follow us and then look out for some fantastic discounts from Airlines Parking.

 Check out our featured coupon below: 
Happy Holidays from Qwik Park! As always, "Let the Q Take Care of You!"

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Detroit Metro Airport Directions

Trying to find our Detroit Metro Airport parking location is super simple! Follow these easy directions and if you have any questions, contact us. Don't forget to make your free online Detroit Airport parking reservation from our website, or right here from our blog! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

From the West: (I-275 and US 23) Ann Arbor and Flint
Take I-94 East towards Detroit and exit 198. Take the second ramp at Merriman Road North. Qwik Park is ¼ of a mile down on the left between the Fairfiled Inn and Holiday inn Express.
From the East: (I-94) Detroit and Windsor
Take I-94 West towards Romulus and exit 198. Take the second ramp at Merriman Road North. Qwik Park is ¼ of a mile down on the left between the Fairfiled inn and Holiday inn Express.
From the South: I-27 (Toledo)
Take I-94 east. Take the second ramp at Merriman Road North. Qwik Park is ¼ of a mile down on the left between the Fairfiled inn and Holiday inn Express.