Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Travel 2014

When you stay with Qwik Park, we will handle your luggage!

According to the AAA, 2014 is going to be the busiest travel year since 2007, with over 46.3 million American's taking a trip for the Thanksgiving Holiday. WHAT?! In addition, air travel is also going to be up by at least 3.6 million people since 2007 as well, meaning more people are going to be looking for Detroit Airport Parking. People are expected to spend an average of $575 on their travels this holiday season.

By parking your car with Qwik Park, you will save money on your Detroit Airport Parking, so more of your $575 can be used doing the things that you want to do! In addition to offering cheap airport parking at DTW, Qwik Park is proud to offer:
  • Free online reservations [save even more money and time by booking online]
  • Complementary shuttle service 
  • Short 5 minute ride to the airport [let us deal with DTW traffic while you relax]
  • Self and valet park options
  • Auto detailing upgrade options
  • Complementary luggage handling
  • Discounted prices!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why Choose an Off-Airport Parking Company?

Doesn't it always seem like Detroit Metro Airport never seem to have enough parking spaces? The lots are always full, and the traffic is always heavy! Did you know that although off-airport parking is usually a brief drive from the airport, the lots are more manageable and you can reserve your parking online in advance to ensure that you have a spot! Want to reserve parking? Check out Qwik Park's website! 

These off-site airport parking companies are usually private family owned businesses. All things considered, they can usually offer you a better deal all around than on-site airport parking. By parking a few blocks away from the DTW airport, you can save tons of money!

Unfortunately, drivers tend to avoid off-site parking companies such as Qwik Park, falsely assuming that it will take extra time to catch a shuttle to the airport. But have you ever been stuck in airport traffic for what seems like forever? Why not just pay a little less and get to the airport faster?! Yes, that is right: you will save money AND arrive at Detroit Metro Airport with less stress! 

You want to know what else? When parking with off-site parking companies, you almost never pay more than the airport! Indeed, off-site parking companies generally charge at least 25%-50% less than the local airport!

Unlike the airport where you are left to your own devices, off-airport parking services such as Qwik Park will help you with your luggage and give you a complementary shuttle ride where you can just sit back and relax. Some off-site parking companies even do minimal car maintenance while you are away!

These are just a few reasons why Qwik Park's off-airport parking is beneficial!