Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 "Must See" Destinations for 2015

We are halfway through the first month of 2015, and if you haven't started planning your vacations for this year, you should probably start! Flight options from Detroit Metro Airport are continually increasing, and choosing a destination can be quite time consuming! To start your 2015 off right, we have a list of the top five "must see" travel destinations for 2015:

Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy certainly isn't a new, or even an up-and-coming destination, so why does it make our top five for places to travel from Detroit in 2015? This year, Milan is hosting a 2015 expo on "the future of food" that will draw over 20 million visitors! This expo brings along with it tons of new architecture unique to Milan and hundreds of cuisines from across the world. 


As if you needed a reason to visit Singapore in the first place, this year, the country will celebrate its 50th year of independence with parades and merry making all year. The country is extremely safe and the urban areas are shockingly clean. Tourists can enjoy wide expanses of green spaces, cultural heritage, a national art museum, and world-class hotels and dining.


Most people have never even heard of this Middle Eastern country, located right next to the United Arab Emirates. Have you always wanted to travel to the Middle East and experience the culture and cuisine of this mysterious world? Oman is the safest Middle Eastern country in 2015 and is a highly anticipated destination to visit this year. 

Durham, North Carolina

8 hour flights and international border crossings not your idea of fun? Durham, N.C. is a lot closer to home and just as interesting as overseas destinations! Durham is boasting all the latest cuisine innovations, from fair-trade coffee shops and micro-breweries, to the best local diners you can find. This year, Durham is debuting a "tree house" hotel, where guests will stay some 20 feet above the ground.

Dominican Republic

If you are okay with a shorter flight [under 4 hours from most USA cities], but still want to visit an exotic destination, the Dominican Republic may be just right for you! Instead of visiting the "usual" high-tourist areas of the Dominican Republic, consider visiting the country's pristine northern shore. The north shore will have much less traffic and the beaches and hotels are a far cry away from "ordinary."

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