Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tips for Traveling with Teens


 Vacationing with teens… that an oxymoron? If you take the right approach, it doesn’t have to be! Sure, they can be moody, but more often than not teenagers are up for having a good time with their families. Here are some cool strategies to take your family vacation from “aaaggghhh” to ‘ahhhhh!” 

·         Ask for your teen’s input. If your teen is involved in the planning stages, he/she will feel more invested and the vacation will start off on the right foot.


·         Let everyone pick. Each family member gets to choose one thing for the entire family to do and everyone has to get on board. If you don’t complain during the kids’ pick, chances are they will be less apt to complain during yours.


·         Bend the rules. Letting your teen eat more junk food than dinner, and sleep in while you visit that ninth museum, will do wonders for your sanity. Keeping the peace will make your vacation that much more enjoyable.


·         Get their attention. Telling them you’re going to the biggest fort in the Caribbean? Boring. Telling them you’re going to see the place where Johnny Depp shot “that one scene” in Pirates of the Caribbean? Priceless! Once they are there, they will probably find more than a couple things that amuse them.


·         Set a budget. It’s easy to blow more money on vacation than you anticipated. Give your teens a budget for spending and let them keep the rest. They will be more likely to spend wisely if the money is theirs. 


·         Allow technology. As long as the data roaming bills aren’t exorbitant, and they aren’t doing it during dinner, a little texting never hurt anyone. Set a few [minimal] ground rules, and go ahead and let them brag about their trip on Facebook.


·         Let them sleep. Most teens love to sleep in, and vacation is the perfect time to rest.  You can take advantage of the quiet, plus get some “Me” time in!

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