Thursday, May 1, 2014

Take STEPs to Safeguard Yourself Abroad

Thinking about traveling abroad but concerned for your safety? Put your worries to rest and enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

·         What is STEP? STEP is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country. STEP allows you to enter information about your upcoming trip abroad so that the Department of State can better assist you in an emergency, such a lost or stolen passport.

·         Emergency Help: U.S. consular officers aid Americans who encounter serious legal, medical, or financial difficulties by providing them with the names of local attorneys and doctors. They provide loans to destitute Americans, and deliver information about dangerous conditions affecting your overseas travel. STEP also assists U.S. citizens in emergencies, such as natural disasters or civil unrest.

·         Non-Emergency assistance: Consular officers perform non-emergency services, helping Americans with absentee voting, selective service registration, receiving federal benefits, and filing U.S. tax forms. They can notarize documents, issue passports, and register American children born abroad.

·         Enrollment: Enter information about your trip and subscribe to receive updates on Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts and other information for a particular country. Be sure to include an email address or phone number where you can be reached while traveling.

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